Thursday, 31 December 2009

Flower Brooches

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Here we have the last creations of 2009!!

I made these using Julia's Pattern from Gone to earth ( I had some quilting squares and thought I would get them used up!

Hope you like them!

All the best to everyone for 2010!!

Friday, 13 November 2009

The Little Big Shop

You may have noticed the new blog button at the side with the little big shop!
Well I have decided to hop on board this exciting new venture that will hopefully provide some escape from Ebay!!

I am currently trying out a shop based on the supplies that I sell via all my other outlets but have put them all in one basket for a change!!

I will be adding lots more soon hopefully and trying to cover more than just jewellery findings. I would like to create a supply shop that will suit lots of different crafts, but also ignite the imagination of those who like to try new mediums!!

As an avid crafts person who is always up for a new challenge, I thought I would just go for it!!

What do you all think ? Worth a shot as there are no listing or joining fees and just 10% final value which you can see as you list.

Come on!!! as they say in a very well known car ad!!! :-0

Wednesday, 4 November 2009


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My DD and her mate the other night!!

She did have fun and brought home far toooooo many sweets!

Hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween!

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

A couple of Sock Friends

I made a couple of sock friends today. The first one was a sock monster called "Freddie" who loves to party with his mates (see below)
This sock friend was made especially for my DD as she came home with this pair of socks and asked for a friend. She has named her Monkey "Cosy" as it is extra snuggly!

They decided to hang out and watch the world go by before my old shelf gets sold on Ebay!!!

Hoping to add a few more to my shop soon!!

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

A Busy Day

After waiting in all day for this to arrive, it has taken me about 3 hours to get it built!!
I saw this in a local shop, all made, but it was in Walnut and a bit tatty!! I did a search and found
it on addtions direct and I promptly ordered this one and a bigger one! This one has arrived but the bigger one is not coming until a later date!
It has a runner and a front shelf and a back shelf and I am trying to get my house sorted out and have some sort of filing system.

Making the bigger one is going to fun......NOT!!!

I also made these Birthday invitations for my Mum's 70th Birthday in January. She is sending them out with her Christmas cards and wanted them done quite early!

Hope she likes them!!

Need to make some commission work for glass hanging decorations and also some sock aliens that have been requested!!

Friday, 9 October 2009

Button Brooches

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Well I finally got round to buying a big shot machine as I have been wanting something to cut fabric for ages! I went and got the daisies die cutter today!
Here are the results of my first effort. They are a combination of felt and material and all have a button centre.

I am really happy with the results :-)
What do you think?

Sunday, 4 October 2009

My Jewellery swap from Gemma

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Look at all these fantastic goodies from Gemma from Crafteroo and Incy wincy stitches Button Jewellery Swap!

I got the most fantastic ropework of buttons and beadlings and as you can see the licorice was started on straight away!!! I also got some green velvet ribbon and some seed beads and some spare buttons!!

THANKS so much to Gemma and to Sam for organising it!!!!

A great swap to be involved in!

Friday, 25 September 2009

New Website Launched

I am over the moon with my new website, though I still have lots of work to do with it! I am soo happy with my artwork from the very wonderful and ooober talented Laura aka Glueandglitter
She has done wonders yet again for me and I totally recommend if you want a logo then go to Laura!!

I have decided against having the website as the shop and to use it for information purposes but with a link through to my new Coriandr shop
I chose Coriandr as my main shop as I feel that the layout is the easiest of all the handmade sites and it takes hardly anytime to upload. Also you can now use old listings as templates, so if items have similarities and postal prices you don't have to input all the details again!!

Anyway, hopefully will be adding lots of new items over the next couple of weeks!! and please do comment on what you think.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Extra Special Touch

Hayley's Flower Power

Here we have my daughter's flower picture that has been fabulously transformed into a cushion by the rather talented Heidi from Extra Special Touch
Hayley was delighted with the way her picture was used and is thrilled to have one her designs used in this way. She has ambitions to be a designer when she is older too!
I would recommend having a peek at Heidi's website and I am sure you would find something really different that may just make that ideal Christmas Present!!

Friday, 18 September 2009

My Blog win !!!

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I got these today from the rather talented Claire Hurd and I must say I was delighted with them!!

Claire makes lots of different textile items and you really should pop over to her shop

She has fabulous cards and textiles that would make the perfect gift!


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Here we have George the Green stripe Monkey who was created this evening whilst watching Strictly come dancing!!
He is a very good monkey so far and loves his hat and scarf as it is a bit chilly in here tonight!!

Wow this is my first flicker blog post !!

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Monkey Bags and new Monkey!!

Keeping on my monkey theme, I decided I needed a few more things to add to the "range", which is still nameless as I really am hopeless at making up my mind!!
Here we have a couple of Monkey faces that are hand sewn beads!!

And Here we have a friend for the Lanky pink streak Monkey!

I have still to add a few finishing touches to this one!
Just so you know, I am at the Craft Art and Food Fair at Floral Pavillion in New Brighton on 3/10/09 and 7/11/09 and will be organising a Christmas Craft event myself on 5/12/09 and 6/12/09 at Birkenhead Park pavillion gallery!!

I have a few more ideas of things I may create with this theme, but do let me know if you think there is something that may work, or just to say what you think of these so far!!

Monday, 24 August 2009

Giveaway winner

Just for your information, I am really struggling with making my mind up on this so, I have randomly put all the names in a hat to find the winner of these goodies...
The name of my shop will be decided at a later date, but a HUGE thanks to all who made suggestions!!

The winner is .............................Stephanie!!!!! Please get in touch with your contact details.

Many thanks all!!

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Monkey Business - Giveaway

I am after some help as I am about to set up an online shop for my Sock Monkey Business and have been rattling round a few ideas for names. It is difficult to try and get original names that are not already in use in one form or another!
I have decided to run a giveaway for whoever comes up with the best name and the one that I will actually use!!

The Giveaway will include a selection of prizes, that includes Jewellery and other goodies!
The name I am after needs to incorporate other sock creatures as I will be having a go at some other styles!!
If I use another name I will put entries into a hat to decide a winner for the giveaway!!
Entries need to be in by Sunday 16th August and I will annouce the Winner on Monday 17th!!

This is my latest creation!! She is a Lanky Pink Streak Monkey and is very rare in the UK!!

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Fabric Bags

I went shopping with my daughter yesterday and was passing a fabric shop and this just jumped out at me!!
I got some bags from Vonnie - Blottedcopybook and I also bought some smaller ones for my monkeys and thought I needed to decorate some.
Did these this morning by sewing the peices to neaten then up and then glued them into place and then stitched then inside to make sure they stay put!!

Not sure if they need more embelishments like the flowers on the little one??

Let me know what you think!!
I think I will get a competition up and running very soon too!! Hopefully in the next couple of weeks anyway!!

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Table Centre Piece

I was having a chat with my Dad about Craft Fairs and he came up with a suggestion of having an unusual object as my table centre piece.
I was not really sure what I could use and then the other day I saw this at a car boot sale and although it was not exacty as you see it now, I just envisaged it sat on my table.

I had an enquiry from a customer for some bronze cufflinks a while ago and I could not find any, but did try out some bronze spray paint and although it was pretty useless on the cufflinks, it has brought this clock up a treat!

It was quite dark when I bought it and covered in dust, but a bit of a clean and a spray or 2 of bronze paint..........well you tell me!!!

I am happy with it anyway and the clock works perfectly!

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Joined Coriandr

Just joined Coriandr today and I really must say that I am very impressed with the ease at which you set up the page and get listing!!!

Added this as I finally figured out how to make it a wall hanging using wire!

I had a bit of a disappointing weekend at the Wirral Show as the turn out was not as good as previous years, but my sock monkeys went down really well!

I am going to be at the Port Sunlight Village Festival this Sunday, though the weather forecast is not tooo promising!

Hope everyone is well and not too worried about the dreaded flu!!
Take care

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Fimo Creations

I bought some of these polymer clay canes a while ago and decided to have a try with it today.
Here is the cabochon I made.
Inspired by this, I decided to get my Fimo out and have a play and I made these 2 bracelets and was really pleased with the results!

I did make a couple of rings also, but they are not dry as yet.

I am nearly ready for the Wirral Show this weekend. Just got my Monkeys to get sorted out!!

Wish me luck!

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Fingerprint Jewellery

I was recently asked to make some fingerprint cufflinks for a customer and found out they are actually quite popular!
Below is the original cufflinks with the prints having been posted to me!!

The customer was over the moon with them and was quite pleased when I asked if it was ok to use her pictures for examples!

I then decided to have a go at a few variations and have created my own to wear myself!!

These were black paper with silver ink!
I have listed them on Artfire and also my website has the cufflinks so far!!
I will be listing some variations soon, such as family prints and charms!!

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Glass Tile Coasters

Apart from the Sock monkeys and other stuff, I have been fusing some blank coaster tiles to make these!!
I am hoping to make a fair few sets...............again for the Wirral Show!!

These are foam backed and are fab as either coasters or just for decoration.
They have a fair few bubbles in the glass, but I feel for these that just adds to them!!
I am going to try a suggestion made by Gloria from Dichro-Findings , which involves a bubble squeeze program for the glass when it is fusing!!
I will hopefully get that sorted in a few days!!

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Sock Monkey Mania

I have not been about much lately as I have been too busy with various events and making Eyefund Jewellery and these Sock Monkeys.
I did a couple of fairs and found that they were extremely popular and I am now trying to make as many as possible for the Wirral Show in july as i have a spot in the craft tent, but due to there being enough jewellery stands, I had to have something different!
Fingers crossed they will be a hit as some of the money from them will be going to Claire House Children's Hospice.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Latest Offering....

Ok, Until last week I had not actually touched a sewing machine despite going to a sewing class for a few weeks!!

I managed to create some more sock monkeys using it and then thought I would have a go at a bag!!

I also had never made a Yo Yo and made this to embellish the bag.

I really am pleased with the end result, despite the wonky stitching and I have also realised a couple of other errors, but hey I am learning!!
I am hoping to manage a few more bits and pieces as I need to develop these skills quickly as I have some fairs booked that require fabric work!!
Any tips on easy to make items would be most welcome!

Sunday, 17 May 2009

And the winner is.....

It's Sunday and it's time to see who won my name the sock monkey givaway!!
All the names were written out and as I did not have a hat, I put them in a sock!!
Then I asked my DD to pull out a name and the winner is.........................

SALLY the sock monkey and eljay - aka Laura aka Fluffy Squirrel

Well done!!! Please send me your details so I can send you your mystery prize!!!

Thanks to all who entered!!
I am sure my next post will be about sock monkey's too as they have now multiplied as I found out how to use my sewing machine......will leave that story for next time!!

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Name My Monkey - Blog Giveaway

A While ago I bought my daughter a sock monkey from Lilyola, when Crafter..oo did the Comic relief shop on Folksy. My Daughter asked me to make a friend for Samantha and I finally got round to it today!!
Here she is............
Thing is I cannot decide a name and neither can my daughter, so I thought I will run a giveaway.......not for the monkey but for a surprise gift.
Please leave a comment and a name suggestion for the Non striped Monkey to Enter for a chance to win!!

Samantha the sock monkey and ?????????

I will put all names into a hat on Sunday 17th May and announce the winner!

Please make sure all names are unique!!

Good luck!!

Thursday, 30 April 2009

The Eye Fund

What is the Eye Fund?
Can you imagine not being able to see?? I need glasses to see in the distance and I struggle a bit with that!!! As an arts and crafts person, I would not like to think what it would be like to lose my sight!
The Eye Fund aims to provide much needed counselling and aid to those who are losing their sight due to degenerative diseases.
All the pictures you see in these items of Jewellery were designed by Simon Sherry, who you can read about on the Eye Fund website - Here

Here is a selection of some of the Jewellery that are part of my range for The Eye Fund.

All the items are available from my website and lots more too. Items will be made to order and the images can mixed and matched, so if you see a pendant that you like and would prefer the image as cufflinks, then I can do those for you.
Please just contact me.
All the profits from these items will be going directly to The Eye Fund and helping people who are losing their sight.
Please support this worthy cause and pass on this message via your blogs, facebook, twitter, etc.
Many thanks for reading!

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Button Galore!!!

After making this 1st Bracelet, I went off to some local Charity shops in the search for more Buttons and I ended buying in the region of 10,000!!!

Thought I must get work with them and made this rather sunny one, which I must say, I am very pleased with!!

Have used about 40 buttons for this one, so not sure what I going to do with the other 9,960!!!

More to come I would imagine!! These 2 are available to purchase at my MISI shop.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Flower Fairies Cards

I had one of those awful days that you spend waiting for things that don't turn up!!
It is now the second day wasted waiting for my grinder and bandsaw!!
I hate DHL!!

On a plus side I did make these today, which as the non card maker in the family, I am quite proud of.
I found it quite relaxing too, which is just what I needed!!

Monday, 13 April 2009

Easter Basket

Here we have an easter basket made by my fabulously creative Daughter.
She made this for her Granny who came round for Easter Dinner.
It has a cute hatching chick at the back
She also made this card for them

I decided an Egg was a bit boring so got the kids one of these each!!
Wanted one myself really!!

Hope everyone has had a lovely Easter!
My leg of lamb dinner went really well and there is plenty of left over meat for dinner today!!
Super Bunny got an extra large carrot from Easter bunny too!!