Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Table Centre Piece

I was having a chat with my Dad about Craft Fairs and he came up with a suggestion of having an unusual object as my table centre piece.
I was not really sure what I could use and then the other day I saw this at a car boot sale and although it was not exacty as you see it now, I just envisaged it sat on my table.

I had an enquiry from a customer for some bronze cufflinks a while ago and I could not find any, but did try out some bronze spray paint and although it was pretty useless on the cufflinks, it has brought this clock up a treat!

It was quite dark when I bought it and covered in dust, but a bit of a clean and a spray or 2 of bronze paint..........well you tell me!!!

I am happy with it anyway and the clock works perfectly!


Pips said...

It's lovely!! Will look brilliant as a centerpiece. What a great idea.

Will you take some photos of it in situ at your next fair for us! :)

Glamglass said...

Yes I will try and get a shot of my next event! Thanks!!