Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Fabric Bags

I went shopping with my daughter yesterday and was passing a fabric shop and this just jumped out at me!!
I got some bags from Vonnie - Blottedcopybook and I also bought some smaller ones for my monkeys and thought I needed to decorate some.
Did these this morning by sewing the peices to neaten then up and then glued them into place and then stitched then inside to make sure they stay put!!

Not sure if they need more embelishments like the flowers on the little one??

Let me know what you think!!
I think I will get a competition up and running very soon too!! Hopefully in the next couple of weeks anyway!!


Pips said...

I think they look fab!

I would definitely put the flowers on as well, if it were me. They just look so pretty.


Oh yes add the flowers!!