Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Fabric Bags

I went shopping with my daughter yesterday and was passing a fabric shop and this just jumped out at me!!
I got some bags from Vonnie - Blottedcopybook and I also bought some smaller ones for my monkeys and thought I needed to decorate some.
Did these this morning by sewing the peices to neaten then up and then glued them into place and then stitched then inside to make sure they stay put!!

Not sure if they need more embelishments like the flowers on the little one??

Let me know what you think!!
I think I will get a competition up and running very soon too!! Hopefully in the next couple of weeks anyway!!

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Table Centre Piece

I was having a chat with my Dad about Craft Fairs and he came up with a suggestion of having an unusual object as my table centre piece.
I was not really sure what I could use and then the other day I saw this at a car boot sale and although it was not exacty as you see it now, I just envisaged it sat on my table.

I had an enquiry from a customer for some bronze cufflinks a while ago and I could not find any, but did try out some bronze spray paint and although it was pretty useless on the cufflinks, it has brought this clock up a treat!

It was quite dark when I bought it and covered in dust, but a bit of a clean and a spray or 2 of bronze paint..........well you tell me!!!

I am happy with it anyway and the clock works perfectly!

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Joined Coriandr

Just joined Coriandr today and I really must say that I am very impressed with the ease at which you set up the page and get listing!!!

Added this as I finally figured out how to make it a wall hanging using wire!

I had a bit of a disappointing weekend at the Wirral Show as the turn out was not as good as previous years, but my sock monkeys went down really well!

I am going to be at the Port Sunlight Village Festival this Sunday, though the weather forecast is not tooo promising!

Hope everyone is well and not too worried about the dreaded flu!!
Take care

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Fimo Creations

I bought some of these polymer clay canes a while ago and decided to have a try with it today.
Here is the cabochon I made.
Inspired by this, I decided to get my Fimo out and have a play and I made these 2 bracelets and was really pleased with the results!

I did make a couple of rings also, but they are not dry as yet.

I am nearly ready for the Wirral Show this weekend. Just got my Monkeys to get sorted out!!

Wish me luck!