Friday, 19 March 2010

More pics

Rob signing my gift for Emilie by Mistake!!

So Cute.....He laughs when he realises!!

Me handing him the cufflinks!!

Glamglass meets RPattz

I had a fabulous couple of days in London, where I met up with a couple of girls, Kerry and Kaci, who are huge Rob fans like me!
We got to Leicester Square at around 8.30am and it was pretty much normal with a few barriers for the fans to wait and the crews building lighting stands etc.
There was around 50 people already there and some claimed to have been there from the day before.

The atmosphere was incredibly friendly and we chatted with some of the security people and TV people.
The day didn't drag at all and we people watched and laughed and laughed!
We watched whilst they added the signs and then at 5pm they closed off the front of the pictures and started to lay the red carpet!!

I am at the end of this photo with my present balanced on my copy of Details Magazine!

Posing for Pap shots here

My Gift for Rob!

I had gone with these as a little gift for him, not knowing if I would get a chance to give him them, but after what seemed like forever and a few near misses, he eventually was led in our direction. He was making his way up the line and I could see he was a bit overwelmed with the crowds, so I said "Relax, enjoy it and don't forget to breathe" and he gave one of his sideways smiles! I then said "I have a present for you" and He said "really". He then came over to take it and his security were looking over at me when I asked if he would give Emilie (de Ravin) hers too. He put my cufflinks in his pocket and started to sign the box that was for Emilie! Then he said "Oh that's Emilies!" He signed my details magazine and then had a photo with the girl next to me.
I was soo close I could not resist leaning to have a sniff!!
He smelt like heaven!
As he came back I said "Rob, I just want to say Thank You, you have made an old gal very happy" and he gave a quick smile and was off!!

I have to say he was just as good looking in the flesh if not better and that he was very genuine and lovely!

Tom Felton from Harry Potter was another of the stars who was very genuine and friendly and came over to give autographs.

Holly Valence was another who acknowledged the crowd and after I had shouted "love the shoes Holl" Gave us a peace sign and a smile!

I have a memento of my own too, a large Remember Me sign that was on the railings!!

Still smiling today and very pleased that I went!

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Mothers Day Present

My Mum was admiring one of pendants the other day and asked me to make her one. I decided to make her this little set for Mother's day!!

I hope she likes it!

Happy Mother's Day to everyone!!

Thursday, 11 March 2010

OK I admit it!!

I am a huge Twilight Fan!!!
It has been since last December after reading all the 4 books within a week!!
Stephanie Meyer just pulled me right in!! I have re-read them several times!! I feel like I am 17 again!!

Today saw the release of the Trailer for Eclipse which is the third in the series!!

I decided to make some Jewellery that was inspired by Twilight and I must say it has been very popular!!

The Bracelet is Turquoise and the Ring is Moonstone!
Anyone else admit to being Twilighted!!!????

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

A Card for My Mum

Decided to make a card for my Mum this year!!
I am still trying to decide if this OK?

I expect to have another go at cards at some point as I have lots of bits and bobs and my Daughter loves to make cards!!
My kids will be away on Sunday but back in the evening!
Hope everyone has a lovely Mother's Day on Sunday, whatever you end up doing!!

Friday, 5 March 2010

Eyefund Scarves

The Eyefund has expanded their range of goods to include these fabulous pure silk scarves!!

They are available from my Folksy shop and all proceeds will go directly the Eyefund.

What is the Eye Fund?

Can you imagine not being able to see?? I need glasses to see in the distance and I struggle a bit with that!!! As an arts and crafts person, I would not like to think what it would be like to lose my sight!

The Eye Fund - A charity to support people losing their vision

The Eye Fund aims to provide much needed counselling and aid to those who are losing their sight due to degenerative diseases, such as Retinal Cone Dystrophy, Cataracts, Diabetic Retinopathy, Retinitis Pigmentosa, Neurological Visual Impairment, Retinopathy of Prematurity as well as Age-Related Degeneration and other eye conditions.

All the artwork is designed by Simon Sherry and his story is at the above website

Please support if you can!!