Friday, 13 November 2009

The Little Big Shop

You may have noticed the new blog button at the side with the little big shop!
Well I have decided to hop on board this exciting new venture that will hopefully provide some escape from Ebay!!

I am currently trying out a shop based on the supplies that I sell via all my other outlets but have put them all in one basket for a change!!

I will be adding lots more soon hopefully and trying to cover more than just jewellery findings. I would like to create a supply shop that will suit lots of different crafts, but also ignite the imagination of those who like to try new mediums!!

As an avid crafts person who is always up for a new challenge, I thought I would just go for it!!

What do you all think ? Worth a shot as there are no listing or joining fees and just 10% final value which you can see as you list.

Come on!!! as they say in a very well known car ad!!! :-0

Wednesday, 4 November 2009


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My DD and her mate the other night!!

She did have fun and brought home far toooooo many sweets!

Hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween!