Monday, 20 October 2008

Millefiori Dish

Ok This week I have been over the moon to find Millefiori pieces that are compatible with my other glass. I decided to create this 11.5cm x11.5cm decorative dish.

The Base is a dark Purple and I have used a mixture of red and lime green Millefiori pieces!

Also this week, I got a commission for some peices to be used within wood! I can't wait to the finished results!

Sorry about the lack of blog last week. I have been updating my website and this item is available to purchase!

Halloween next week!!

Monday, 6 October 2008

Toffee Treasure

Ok You may have now guessed that I am updating my Blog every Monday! Be sure to pop in to see what my favourite creation of the week has been!!

This week it is this necklace, with fused glass pendant. I have called it Toffee Treasure as it has that toffee colour to it and looks good enough to eat!! (well, I thought so anyway!).
I found some beads of a similar colour and decided to make this with the necklace included.
The chain is approx 20" long and the pendant is 2" long.
The chain took me a fair few hours to string together, but I feel the overall effect looks fairly good.
I may well add this to my folksy shop as I have one there already called Toffee Melt.
So that was my favourite from the week.
Let me know if you like it!