Monday, 20 October 2008

Millefiori Dish

Ok This week I have been over the moon to find Millefiori pieces that are compatible with my other glass. I decided to create this 11.5cm x11.5cm decorative dish.

The Base is a dark Purple and I have used a mixture of red and lime green Millefiori pieces!

Also this week, I got a commission for some peices to be used within wood! I can't wait to the finished results!

Sorry about the lack of blog last week. I have been updating my website and this item is available to purchase!

Halloween next week!!


ger76 said...

Wow Stunning!!!! I am just starting out & would be delighted if I could create something even half as good as this piece :)

Lisa said...

Hi Rachel I love your work, the dish is stunning and the jewellery is fab. The article about the beer is very amusing.
I noticed you have become a follower of my blog thank you very much.
Can I ask how you came accross my blog?

Lazy Daisy Glass said...

Hi Rachel

You have been taqgged. Read my blog and all will be revealed. It's fun.

Love this dish


Glamglass said...

Thanks all.

I think I joined you from here! I am very new to this and have not learnt all the bits and bobs as yet!!

I will be tagging some people on Monday and doing my facts!