Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Name My Monkey - Blog Giveaway

A While ago I bought my daughter a sock monkey from Lilyola, when Crafter..oo did the Comic relief shop on Folksy. My Daughter asked me to make a friend for Samantha and I finally got round to it today!!
Here she is............
Thing is I cannot decide a name and neither can my daughter, so I thought I will run a giveaway.......not for the monkey but for a surprise gift.
Please leave a comment and a name suggestion for the Non striped Monkey to Enter for a chance to win!!

Samantha the sock monkey and ?????????

I will put all names into a hat on Sunday 17th May and announce the winner!

Please make sure all names are unique!!

Good luck!!


incywincy said...

I think she looks like a Mabel – means loving/loveable (just googled that!). I think the two names sound lovely together too. x Samantha and Mabel :)

JanJ said...

I think she looks like a Lulabelle (well you did ask! LOL)

Love your little monkey whatever she ends up being called

Jan xx

Izabela said...

hmm... looking at her - Bethany :)

yes definitely

Gemma said...

I love the monkeys... i want one! Well my favourite name is Isobel or Jessica. Quite like Magenta, which was the name of my first fish. I've started now i'll be thinking of names all night.


Glamglass said...

Gemma Please choose just 1 name to go in the hat please!! LOL
Great names so far!!

dichro-findings said...

NOw . . to me . . she lokks very much like an Ethel :o) . . or perhaps a Cynthia . . or even an Irene . . Oh Heck! . . what to choose????
OK . . Irene


dichro-findings said...

Blimey! Spellings a bit off! :o)
Time for bed I think . . but I must just . .


TCN said...

Sian =)

She's adorable though!

Nadia x

Hannah said...

How about Myrtle? Myrtle the monkey!

woollywotnots said...

She's so cute. The name Rita is my vote.

Pauline@WeddingTreasures said...

She looks like a Priscilla to me!

Pauline :)

Anonymous said...

Personally, I'd opt for Sally :) (after the chimp at Monkey World)

Samantha and Sally the sock monkeys!!

Both monkey are gorgeous whatever name you choose :)

Laura xxx

(Fluffy Squirrel)

Aviya Glass said...

She is as cute as a ..... Button

I was going to say Petal but Button it is IMO anyways!


Anonymous said...

I think she looks like a Suki - Suki and Samantha sock monkeys :-) She's very cute!

Amy x

Gemma said...

Ok i'll choose Isobel


Suzanne Vaughan said...

She looks like a Sugarpie to me!

Pips said...

Don't ask me why - but the first name that came to mind was "Freckles"!

Ok - completely mad I know, but hey, why not lol!!!

Heather said...

Manny the Monkey!