Monday, 13 April 2009

Easter Basket

Here we have an easter basket made by my fabulously creative Daughter.
She made this for her Granny who came round for Easter Dinner.
It has a cute hatching chick at the back
She also made this card for them

I decided an Egg was a bit boring so got the kids one of these each!!
Wanted one myself really!!

Hope everyone has had a lovely Easter!
My leg of lamb dinner went really well and there is plenty of left over meat for dinner today!!
Super Bunny got an extra large carrot from Easter bunny too!!


Gill said...

Your daughter certainly is creative!! Love the hatching chick! Please though, no chocolate talk today *groan* :D

Anonymous said...

I spy a basket from a Nestle branded easter egg no less....

Glamglass said...

Yes and great recycling for a young person too!!!