Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Glass Tile Coasters

Apart from the Sock monkeys and other stuff, I have been fusing some blank coaster tiles to make these!!
I am hoping to make a fair few sets...............again for the Wirral Show!!

These are foam backed and are fab as either coasters or just for decoration.
They have a fair few bubbles in the glass, but I feel for these that just adds to them!!
I am going to try a suggestion made by Gloria from Dichro-Findings , which involves a bubble squeeze program for the glass when it is fusing!!
I will hopefully get that sorted in a few days!!


Gemma said...

Wow they are fab and my favourite colour.


Madly Creating said...

I love the colour too, but OH hates it! ;) Good thing our bathroom is already tiled or I'd be tempted!

JanJ said...

Oooh gorgeous, these are really beautiful, I'm sure they'll sell well

Jan xx

Glamglass said...

Thanks for the cooments!!
I love them too!! Just hate selling things sometimes!! :-0