Thursday, 10 September 2009

Monkey Bags and new Monkey!!

Keeping on my monkey theme, I decided I needed a few more things to add to the "range", which is still nameless as I really am hopeless at making up my mind!!
Here we have a couple of Monkey faces that are hand sewn beads!!

And Here we have a friend for the Lanky pink streak Monkey!

I have still to add a few finishing touches to this one!
Just so you know, I am at the Craft Art and Food Fair at Floral Pavillion in New Brighton on 3/10/09 and 7/11/09 and will be organising a Christmas Craft event myself on 5/12/09 and 6/12/09 at Birkenhead Park pavillion gallery!!

I have a few more ideas of things I may create with this theme, but do let me know if you think there is something that may work, or just to say what you think of these so far!!


whoatemycrayons said...

What about GlamChimps as a range name? :)

itsamistry said...

Your monkey is so cute - you should give them names

Lazy Daisy Glass said...

Loving the pink lanky monkey.

Glad to see you back in blogland!

Charlotte Hupfield Ceramics said...

I'm a fan of the streak monkey too! Would be good to have a range in different shapes and colours. Good luck with your new events.

Charlotte x

Glamglass said...

Thanks for the comments and suggestions!! I added the extra picture of the monkey with a hat!!