Monday, 12 April 2010

You would not believe this!!

Another blog post from me and another animal one!!
I have seen it all now......This Squirrel was sunbathing on our back fence!!!

Minstrel (Super Bunny) had been scared (not so Super) by him earlier on!

What a way to relax!! I have never seen a squirrel so relaxed and he let me get fairly close to get a photo too!!

Anyone else had creatures do strange things in their garden????


Charlotte Hupfield Ceramics said...

aww bless! He's cute. There are a few squirrels in the trees behind our garden and a few of them often jump over from the trees onto the roof of my workshop, makes me jump when I'm in there!!

julietk said...

Aw so cute :-) My Mother had a squirrel she fed for so long it would come and sit on her lap and eat. My hubby feeds the ones that live near us but as yet they only sit on our fence like yours. Little terrors also eat my bulbs from the garden :-}