Tuesday, 13 April 2010


Some new Twilight related makes!!
Through the power of Twitter I have made a load of new friends that are as mad as me about Twilight and Robert Pattinson!!
WHAT.......You hadn't noticed? :-)

A new Bookmark that is inspired by Breaking Dawn! Will be adding to Folksy soon!

These are the book covers done in Pendant form! To win one in my giveaway, just follow me on Twitter and leave a comment here with your twitter name and tell me which one you would like to win and why!!
Closing date for entries will be Sunday 18th April 2010!
Open to worldwide entry!
Good luck!
I will use a random number thingy me gig to draw the winner!!!


sagesse223 said...

I like www.random.org Just sayin'. Not really into the Twi thing. Now if you wanted to do me a shower curtain with #TastyTate on it, we'd be in business! LOL! Just kidding. I love your stuff. Pretty sure I have found my bestie's Christmas pressie for this year. Don't tell her!

Carolee Crafts said...

Following you on Twitter, name Caroleecrafts. Love your designs and think the flower is my favourite to me depicts freedom and summer to look forward to.

Anonymous said...

Hey love them all and couldn't possibly choose, would be glad to have any one of them! You're stuff is great and I love the new bookmark too xx
(My twitter is @Lucie30)

Discodeeva said...

Hi there, I'm following you on Twitter now and love this bookmark with the apple in the hands pendant. See you on Facebook no doubt, Sarah x

TheShyDutchGirl said...

Well you know me! haha @veawen ofcourse.. your personal stalker on Ebay and Twitter lmao!
The bookmark is my favourite as I demolish books a lot! I adore those dangly bits on it which reminds me of Twilight which automatically reminds me of Edward and which reminds me of the 'Sexy Car Park Walk' in New Moon and why I adore Robert Pattinson as an actor.. I think my brain is working overtime whahaha!
hugs!! xx

HopePeaceGreen said...

Ohh wow!! i love these!! Haha i just realised that we are following each other.. my twitter name is HopePeaceGreen and mhhhmm.. those pendents are really awesome!!!

TheShyDutchGirl said...

I have to add that I like the Twilight pendant the best :) or Eclipse one because that is my favourite book ... hmmm
Think I like the Twilight the best then as it is the first book :) LOL

I feel like Im undecided about everything lmao!

Glamglass said...

Ok We have a winner The random Organiser came up with number 5 so the winner is Theshydutchgirl!!! Well done !

Please send me your details !!