Monday, 5 January 2009

My 1st Bag!!!

Happy New Year to you all!!
My first post of 2009 sees a new creation for me. I had some wool that was purchased at an Attic sale before Christmas. It was a bag of odds and ends and I found a lovely purple Chenille plush wool.
I was in mind to knit a scarf for my daughter and decided to go for it.
I got soo far then realised that as there was only about 1 and a half balls and I had gone a bit wide........................what to do???

Well this was what I came up with!!

I may well change the Butterfly button as it is a tad small!!!

The bag looks Blue here, but is actually a really deep gothic purple!!

I have used an old cream jumper as a liner and it makes it even squishier!!

Ok I had a dig around and found this Vintage Ceramic Brooch instead of the butterfly!!

I think it looks much better now. Do you???

All in all I am quite pleased with my scarf, Ooops I mean Bag!!!


Kitty Ballistic said...

Very nice. You need a vintage brooch as a clasp/button - have you got any charity shops near where you live?

Glamglass said...

Will have a look. I was actually thinking of a toggle button like on duffle coats??

Kitty Ballistic said...

That could work as well.

deborah said...

That looks lovely, I bet it feels gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

That's gorgeous... I love both brooches that you've used :-)

LJ xxx

Hannah said...

That looks so nice :)