Sunday, 25 January 2009

The Adventures Of Super Bunny!!

Minstrel - Super Bunny

This rabbits mission - to seek new heights (top of sofa)

-discover new objects (my secret santa gifts)

- try dare devil stunts (get across the back of sofa in one go)

- to look adorable for the camera (given)

This is Super Bunny, Tune in next time to see the next adventure!!


Gill said...

Awww that is one cool looking bunny!!
Looking forward to seeing more Super Bunny Adventures!!

Anonymous said...

Very sweet!

I am a rabbit lover too! Sadly mine arent house rabbits, but I think they would like to be!

I left them in the graden one day, and had to go upstairs to get something. When I returned one of them was sitting on the sofa in the conservatory!!! Very cheeky!

Raspberrycupcake x

(cant sign into google for some reason?!)

AmyE said...

aww thats adorable. If only i wasnt allergic to pretty much all furry pets! I want one!