Thursday, 11 July 2013

Workshop and Showroom

Today I took possession of the keys to my new workshop and Showroom
 I am delighted to have finally made the decision to invest in my business and get a real workspace
I am now the proud occupier of Unit 17, Uveco Business Centre, Dock Road, Birkenhead and will starting the task of cleaning the building tomorrow!
As you can see there is a fair amount of dust....
But it is the fair amount of space that excites me the most! 
I will show you some pictures in a few weeks when I hope to have it looking more how I want it! 


Tanya Heasley said...

Hi there. I found you via Folksy. Your new workshop and showroom looks very great. How very exciting for you.

My workshop consists of; an armchair, countless bags and boxes and the corner of my lounge.
I would love to have my own workshop 'outside' of my house and away from the family.

Oh well, maybe in the future. But congratulations and all the best for your business.


Glamglass said...

Thanks Tanya
Spent most of yesterday cleaning and will need to do the same again as there was a year's worth of dust and grime!

FireHorse3 said...

Congratulations! It looks like a great studio. I don't envy you the cleaning, but I am sure it will be worth it when you move your supplies in :)