Sunday, 9 June 2013


A friend of mine is going to Uganda to do some charity work next month and she is holding a fundraising event on Friday 14th June. Unfortunately due to other commitments I cannot attend, so I promised her I would make her something to add to her raffle. 
She is going to do some work with Doctors and Dentist as she is a dental Nurse, but has to raise the funds to get there herself.

I wanted something that was African themed and as I used to live in Tanzania, I decided to make an African Sunset Safari picture in glass.
 I made 2 versions in glass and need to decide which one to give her.
I also made some coasters using the same templates

The coasters will be available on my website very soon as well as the African Sunset that I keep.

I hope that my friend raises plenty of money and has a fantastic time in Uganda, which I know will be full of joy and sadness, but hopefully she will come away with a sense of achievement knowing that she will have helped some of the people there.

Just finished this too and adding into the mix....

I think I will invite her round to choose what she wants to raffle :-)

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Pretty Things said...

I love them both but I think the top one just edges it for me. Not sure why, I'm just drawn to it more. So I would send her the second one and keep the top one for myself!