Saturday, 23 March 2013

Hello Bloggers....Long time no see!

Well I guess I should apologise for the lack of posts, but it seems the world of facebook has over taken the general blog. 
Though I have to admit, it is easier to look back through my blog posts to see what I was doing a couple of years ago than the constantly changing facebook or face ache as some are now calling it!

I have been busy working on my website and also adding items to my Folky shop
You can now buy a range of craft supplies from the website and I am adding to this daily at the moment. 
Gifts are also being added to Folksy shop as I am not doing as many craft fairs as I used to and have decided to get as much of stock online as I can.

I would appreciate some feedback on where you prefer to look for items as in 1 website or a shopping website like folksy?? 

Hope everyone is enjoying the unseasonal weather as much as they can!
I am hoping people are enjoying surfing the net in the warm!

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