Thursday, 6 April 2017

Wow How long since last post!!!!

Hi to anyone who may still follow this Blog, I am so sorry, it has taken me this long to write in it! 
Facebook kind of took over from the blog posts, but I thought it would be nice to revisit!

Last time I posted I had moved to a workshop, that last one year as it was one of those places that was deserted in the evening and weekends and no one would have heard me Scream!!

I now have a shop in Wallasey Village

People refer to it as Aladdin's cave as I a tad too much stock!

I now also mainly make Cake toppers and this is my main business.
I will try to get back on here with updates etc when I can :-)
4 years was a bit long!
Rachel :-)

Friday, 1 November 2013

Workshop/Showroom Open from Monday!

Workshop and Showroom is coming together nicely! 
I am opening fully on Monday 4th November and will be there from approx 10am - 3pm most days I think! 

I still have a fair bit to sort out, but hopefully all will fall into place when I get used to the changes from working from home!
My home is actually starting to look like a home now too :-) 

If you are local and wish to come down for a visit then please ring me on 0798 902 1131 to check I there first! 
UNIT 17 
Uveco Centre
Dock Road

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Workshop/Showroom Progress

After what seems like and age, I finally have started to set the place out more how I would like it. 
I had intended to be much further along than this but I have actually been so busy with orders that I have not had a huge amount of time to spend down there. 

 The white shelf needs to be fixed to the wall, so I will be drilling next time I am down there.
 The 2 glass display cabinets have been filled with items that I brought back from the Transport Festival in Birkenhead Park last weekend
I used to have them dotted around my room at home.
 This is more the workshop area and I have yet to get busy down there.

I am hoping to move the whole lot to the unit by the end of October and work from there during the day as much as possible.
I will keep you posted on how that turns out :-)
I have a few things to figure out, like keeping warm in the winter etc!

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Workshop Week 2 Progress

 Well after a sweltering week in the UK I have to say that I have not done as much as I would liked with the Workshop so far, but have improved it's look by giving the walls a coat of emulsion and the Floor a lovely coat of Dark Red paint!

I have also made a start on moving some stock down there and have lots more to do.
My son and daughter helped with the wall painting and my son has been helping with the lifting and carrying.
Still tonnes to do and need to buy more shelves and get my display area sorted out and then I will work on the back section which will be the workshop area. 
I will try post again over the next couple of weeks to see how I am getting on. 
I would like to have it all sorted by the end of September ideally!

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Workshop and Showroom

Today I took possession of the keys to my new workshop and Showroom
 I am delighted to have finally made the decision to invest in my business and get a real workspace
I am now the proud occupier of Unit 17, Uveco Business Centre, Dock Road, Birkenhead and will starting the task of cleaning the building tomorrow!
As you can see there is a fair amount of dust....
But it is the fair amount of space that excites me the most! 
I will show you some pictures in a few weeks when I hope to have it looking more how I want it! 

Sunday, 9 June 2013


A friend of mine is going to Uganda to do some charity work next month and she is holding a fundraising event on Friday 14th June. Unfortunately due to other commitments I cannot attend, so I promised her I would make her something to add to her raffle. 
She is going to do some work with Doctors and Dentist as she is a dental Nurse, but has to raise the funds to get there herself.

I wanted something that was African themed and as I used to live in Tanzania, I decided to make an African Sunset Safari picture in glass.
 I made 2 versions in glass and need to decide which one to give her.
I also made some coasters using the same templates

The coasters will be available on my website very soon as well as the African Sunset that I keep.

I hope that my friend raises plenty of money and has a fantastic time in Uganda, which I know will be full of joy and sadness, but hopefully she will come away with a sense of achievement knowing that she will have helped some of the people there.

Just finished this too and adding into the mix....

I think I will invite her round to choose what she wants to raffle :-)

Monday, 22 April 2013

Mosaic Tardis

Carrying on from the last post, I have started making Mosaics and decided I would love to make a Mosaic Tardis. 
I have not added it to any of my sites as yet because I am still finishing it off, but thought I would show it to you anyway!
I must say that I am very pleased with the end result!
I will be making more items like this very soon.